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The information on this website is based on the  book

A Record of the Jacob Method Pivonka Family and their Descendants
1832 - 1977
Rush County Kansas

by Sr. Simeon Pivonka, CSJ.
St. Mary of the Plains College
Dodge City, Kansas


Some five years ago I decided to attempt a listing of the descendants of my grandfather, Jacob Method Pivonka, and his wife, Antonia Dvorak Pivonka. This book is what I've been able to do, but only with the help of many of those descendants.

The record ends with the year 1977. It is not complete nor absolutely correct in each item. Such as it is I pass it on to you, and I hope some member of each family group will continue to collect records, information and interesting items of the family.

I wish to express my appreciation to each of you who responded so generously to my requests for information about your own family. My work has been interesting and rewarding, especially in giving me the opportunity to meet and correspond with so many members of the family.

The pages of this book are not numbered. A code number has been assigned to each individual. The Code consists of the letter P. representing the original couple, followed by several digits. Each digit represents another generation. Within each generation the members are numbered in order of birth within the family.

Example: Code P214 would read -
2, first generation - second child, i.e. Charles T.
1, second generation - first child, i.e. Robert
4, third generation - fourth child, i.e. Robert's fourth child, Edward.

Each individual through three generations has a unique Code number and a separate page. Added information can be entered in the future.

Do you know the name 'Pivonka' in the Czech language means 'peony'? Perhaps this is why the peony flower has been a favorite flower of so many in the family.

Photo of Sr. Simeon Pivonka
Sr. Simeon Pivonka, CSJ.

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