Early Family Activities & Reunions

JM Pivonka Family Photos ca. 1930's

Sr. Simeon Pivonka (ca. 1978)

The family ties were always close. Family visited family often. The five brothers were all members of the Bohemian Brass Band fo Timken. Families of three of the brothers attended school at District 19 at the same time and were often spending time together during vacation times. 

As time passed and families grew up and began to scatter, the idea of family reunions developed. The early reunions were periodic, someone started the idea and word spread from family to family indicating the time and place. These were always enjoyable occasions for everyone; telling stories, reminiscing, getting acquainted with new members of the family and remembering those no longer with us.

When the time came that none of the first generation were present at the reunions there was the possibility that the descendents would no longer gather and together keep and enjoy a family bond. Under the constant prodding of John E. Pivonka a committee was set up to make plans for a Pivonka Family Reunion to be held each odd numbered year. The first one was held in 1975 with over 150 members present.

1975 - Dighton, Ks.
1977 - Timken, Ks.
1979 - Larned. Ks.

This document was apparently prepared by Sr. Simeon Pivonka, most likely sometime between 1977 and 1979.
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