A genealogical data (GEDCOM/.ged) file for Descendants of Jacob M. and Antonia D. Pivonka

The Pivonka family genealogical database can be provided in any of these formats: 

The self contained file is prepared using the GENViewer program from MudCreek.  This program provides excellent viewing and analytical features, and the ability to prepare these self viewing executable files, but does not allow editing of the information in the file.  This file will be sent in a .zip format "envelope", since some email providers (MSN is one) refuse to deliver executable programs.

We have also used the program GED-GEN to create an HTML (web page format) version of the GED information viewable in our web browser.   Other programs are available which will produce versions readable in other file formats, including the MS Word document format, etc.  

More general information about genealogical data files and GED file conversion can be found by searching the web using such terms as [ convert GED file ], [ HTML GED convert format ]  and [ genealogy data GEDCOM ] .  The [] brackets should not be included in the search, and since GED and GEDCOM are used interchangeably separate searches should be done using each. 

rev. 08/03/2005