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Recent additions to the website:

July, 2011 - The story of a visit, in 1978, to the area from which the family had emigrated 100 years earlier. (Unedited scan)

August, 2005 - Family pages for the first generation Pivonka families have been updated here

August, 2005 - John N. Pivonka's "My Memory of Europe" is here

August, 2005 - John N. Pivonka's "My Teen Years in America" is here

August, 2005 - Sr. Simeon's note on early family activities and reunions is here

August, 2005 - John N. Pivonka's biography of the JM Pivonka family is here

August, 2005 - Sr. Simeon's biography of Jacob M. Pivonka is here

August, 2005 - Information about a genealogical database (.ged) file of JM Pivonka family genealogy is here

August, 2005  Explanation of .ged File Format used in Genealogical Applications

July, 2003 - Photographs provided by Dorothy Workman Terrell, P433 are here

  Aug., 2001 - Information from Ellis Island records (Excel format) is here

The results of a Google search on "Pivonka" are here.

Photos of JM and Antonia Pivonka's 1906 visit to Moravia are here.

Additional JN Pivonka family pictures are here.

Planned additions to the website:

Pivonka Mysteries Page
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